It’s going to happen.

You’re going to tell your child to watch out. Be careful. It’s gonna spill.

And then, in slow motion, right before your very eyes, for just a moment, you think you might actually have✨ESP✨and can totally tell the future because you KNEW that glass was going over. 

#itsamomthing to be able to tell the future. Sincerely, I believe that. How is it that no one else can see these things coming a mile away?! 

It’s easy in these situations to lose your sanity. And why does yelling feel so good sometimes?? It took me a while (and some deep meditation)

to see the learning opportunity through the big, sticky mess. I came to understand as my kids got older and started dealing with mean kids, lost library books, homework mistakes, not making the team, or losing at Uno, that there were Big Deals in life, and Little Deals. 

In the moment, something might feel like a Big Deal but when we stop and really think about it, it’s actually just a Little Deal. 👉🏼👉🏼This is the platform for coping; differentiating between Big Deals and Little Deals. 

Spilled milk can be the best way to show your kids that sometimes you just have to clean it up, and try again. 👌🏼

What are some life lessons you’re teaching your kids on the regular? How do you deal with sticky situations that feel like a BIG DEAL in the moment? Share so other moms can learn!

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