This post may contain bad news that could cause your brain to explode.

Here it is straight. If your child is under 7 months old, and they just can’t seem to stay asleep all night, it is probably because of the pacifier.

Wait…you were told that the pacifier helps soothe! That it prevents SIDS! That it is helpful for sleep!!! Yes Yes and Yes!! 

BUT… Ugh. And it’s a big but.

But infants don’t independently replace their own pacifiers until 7 months at the earliest🤯 And even at 7 months, it needs to be taught. The skill doesn’t naturally emerge fully until 9 months (insert very sad crying face!)

There’s more to this skill than just getting the Paci into the mouth. Especially when it comes to replacing the Paci independently in the middle of the night. Here’s how the skill breaks down: baby notices the Paci is missing👉🏼searches for the Paci👉🏼locates and reaches for the Paci 👉🏼moves their body to get closer if it’s out of reach👉🏼grasps the Paci👉🏼manipulates it so the nipple actually enters their mouth👍🏻

If your 4 month old is doing this, please DM me because I’m putting it on the 5 o’clock news.

So, here’s the problem…up until 4 months, it’s not a big deal because the little ones use the pacifier to fall asleep and don’t really care if it falls out once they’re asleep. BUT THIS ALL CHANGES AT 4 MONTHS!

Enter the 4-month sleep regression when the littles start having mature sleep cycles of light and deep sleep. And if your 4 month old isn’t taught how to fall asleep independently, and they are relying on the Paci for sleep, and they can’t replace the Paci independently…💥HOT MESS💥

Welcome to the All-Night-Paci-Dance.

If you need a plan for this, grab the tools linked in the bio. I’ve got everything you need to survive the 4-month sleep regression, and so much more!

Have you had success weaning the Paci? Or maybe a success story for other hopeful moms? Share your saga!

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