Man, those picky eaters sure do have better control over their intake than I do. I mean, really, to say NO to absolutely anything presented unless it’s in the form of Macaroni and Cheese?? That takes dedication.

So how do you get your kids to say YES to new foods??

Is it even possible to expand a toddler’s food repertoire?

And the answer is Yes but!!! Meaning yes, but you’re probably doing it wrong. It’s not your fault. The combination of intense tantrums and our maternal drive to feed our offspring is what keeps us dishing up those chicken nuggets!

Here’s the down low on introducing new foods:

  1. Memorize the phrase “First…then.”
  2. Don’t start with broccoli, for the love of all that is good in this world!!! Pick something on the sweet side, maybe crunchie and NOT BROCCOLI!! So, maybe corn. Or carrots. Maybe cucumber without the pulp. Anything that isn’t going to be decidedly aversive!
  3. Put a tiiiiny piece of the new food on a reeeeaaaally BIG plate. Like one kernel of corn. One pea. A quarter of a slice of carrot. Start small people. We’re going for the one-bite trial!
  4. Present the big plate with the tiny new bite BEFORE you serve up the Mac’n’Cheese. Why? Motivation!
  5. Launch your First…then! First taste, then macaroni. And then? Follow through. You’re not asking them to eat a whole carrot or a bowl of peas. Your request is reasonable, and they are hungry for their dinner! But first, taste.

At the next meal give two tiny pieces of the same food. Keep increasing until that food becomes part of the meal. Then introduce the next food. Avoid introducing too many foods at once. Stick to one at a time…you’ll be glad you did.

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