When parents try out star charts or points systems, it seems like they work for a few days, but then lose their value quickly, which results in parents giving up and saying, “well that didn’t work!” 


Usually, it’s because the rewards being offered have lost their value. Rewards need to change often, and continually be re-evaluated. A toddler will only work for an M&M so many times before it becomes *blah*.

The key to success with reward systems is variety and limited access. No child will work for the iPad if they can have it any time. 

So, get creative and develop a long list of unique experiences for your child to work for! Baking with mommy, glow sticks in the bathtub, shaving cream art, running through the sprinklers, planting strawberry seeds…think outside the candy box for the most valuable activities, with you, that will really motivate your little ones to earn those gold stars. You’ll be surprised how effective reward systems can be with a great reward rotation.

What reward systems have you tried out? Have any been more successful than others? What rewards would you add to the list above? Share so other moms can learn!

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