It’s Fall!!

Which means the fireplace comes to life, scarves emerge out of hiding, pumpkins abound, annnnd, the clocks turn back. Meh. It’s the iconic symbol that summer is officially over. This is the time of year we used to love in college…an extra hour of sleep!! But now we’re parents and, for most of us, it means 5am wake ups. *sniff*  

So what’s the best way to survive? 

  • Saturday night, put your child to bed at their regular bedtime. 
  • Sunday morning be ready for the early wake up with plenty of activities! 
  • Push naps to the regular time…your child will be tired but get as close to their nap time as possible! 
  • Not napping anymore? Keep your child up to their regular bedtime. Again, they’ll be super tired! But get them as close as possible. 

How do we keep them awake a little longer?

Tons of sunlight, and avoid car rides, stroller walks, or anything else that could induce sleep before you’re ready.  But, if they do fall asleep, just go with it. There’s always tomorrow for trying again!

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