Here comes the time change!

Are you ready??

Tonight, put your little on to sleep at their regular bedtime! Turn your clocks ahead and then decide:

Are you ok with a slightly later schedule? Babe will sleep an hour “later” Sunday morning, so nap and bedtime will also be an hour later. If you’re fine with that? Don’t do a thing and enjoy the later morning waking!

Do you need to keep their current wake up time because of family schedules? No problem! After you turn your clocks ahead, set your alarm for your child’s normal wake time. Keep naps on the same clock/time schedule as usual. So if babe wakes at 6 and naps at 9 usually, wake them at 6 and push them to 9 for nap. **They will be tired!** Opt for a mini bedtime routine 30 minutes before nap, if possible, to signal sleep. Follow the regular nap and bedtime schedule for the rest of the day and Voila!!!

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