Think its time to start toilet training?

I say with sincerity, God speed. 

You couldn’t pay me enough to toilet train my children again! It was literally he hardest thing I’ve ever done. Both of my kids were exactly the same (and shame on me for making the same mistake…twice!). I was told to wait for “readiness” so, like a perfect mom, of course I did! I waited and waited and waited. But what did this “readiness” look like??? I thought my daughter would suddenly just sit on the toilet one day and VOILA! I’d know she was ready.
But no. That never happened. 

She turned 2. Nope, not ready. 2.5? Not yet. 3?? At 3.5, against the recommendation of our preschool, we decided to try…she MUST be ready!! So we loaded the bathroom with books and games and play dough and an iPad. We had M&Ms, stickers, new boxes of crayons. We were READY!! My daughter sat and sat. We drank juice box after juice box. Finally, after an hour, and frustration brewing in my belly, I took her off the toilet. And there, in prided glory, my daughter peed right on the floor.  

Both of my children toilet after they were 4 years old, and remained in pull-ups until they were 5 and 7. They are now 9 and 11. I tell you this saga to let you know that while the road was rough, my kids turned out fine. So far. When you feel the pressure and stress of toilet training, just think of me and remember, it could always be worse.

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